Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Very First Post

Why hello there! If there's anyone out there reading this, this is the very first post for my new blog. My name's Juno, and I'm in love with nail polish! I have at least 100 bottles, although I haven't counted recently, and that number is growing almost weekly. I love them all, especially glitters! I decided to create this blog to share my favorites (and maybe least favorites? if I find some?) with the internet.

And what better way to start a new blog than by showing you what's on my fingertips RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE, as I type this. When I put this polish on last night, I instantly knew it was one my new favorites. It's an Essie polish, from the brand-new Poppy-Razzi collection for Summer 2012. Without further ado...I present to you....BAZOOKA!

I love neons, and this one is a great red-orange jelly neon. It's still a bit sheer, as you can see in the photo above there is a bit of visible nail line (VNL), even after a second coat, but I expect that three coats would solve that problem. It dries to a semi-matte finish, and under indoor lighting (like in the photo above) it looks bright, but not neon. However, when I went outside this morning to head to work, I noticed that it looks incredibly brighter and more neon in the sunlight! I kid you not...it's like a total day-glo orange, brighter than even a traffic cone! What a perfect color for summer.

The other thing I love about this is the jelly-ness...is that it'd be perfect for a sandwich manicure (which I haven't tried yet, mostly because I haven't had a good jelly to work with. But this one would be a perfect candidate...and I've already got a glitter in mind to pair it with.

I got this polish at Walgreens for $8, but I've seen the new Essie collections at a couple other drugstores near my house as well. There's three other polishes in the collection besides this one: Lights, Camera, and Action. I wasn't as interested in them when I first saw them, but now that I know they're jellies I know I'll be going back for those pretties!

Anyway, thanks for reading (if anyone is). Even if I'm the only one that ever reads this little blog, I'm excited to keep updating it so that I have a tidy little record of my polishes and how pretty they all looked on my nails!

Love, Juno

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